Things You Should Know About Fashion and Photography

I’ve been a photographer in the Nashville area for a few years now.  Sure, I’ve meet a few people here and there but very little connections. One day, not too long ago actually, it dawned on me that I actually need to network and that meant more than saying ‘Hi’ and letting people know who I was. I needed to start to care about those I depend on professionally.  I am not ‘just’ a ‘photographer’ and I started to find that there were people I was avoiding making a connection with due to  my awkward disposition, which many find hard to believe I have. I started to break down boundaries that protected me in my comfort zone. I went out, mingled and talked to actual, real live people. And I survived. So far, my luck has not let me down on this new adventure of mine.  And, it really goes well with my newest goal, to make things better known, liked and enjoyed. And by ‘things’ I mean other artists, other activities and over Places.

 It’s come to my attention that some of the best things that happen go unseen and heard by many. I really can’t agree to that and feel like some things just need to be better known. On one of my breaches of my comfort zones I went to what is called in the photographer world as a ‘group shoot’. Photographers, models, stylists and hair and make-up artists get together for a mass art making. I must say some of the elite embodied this group shoot and it was a pure pleasure to work with or alongside these artists. On this adventure I meet Drew Seeley, new to the Nashville scene, as supposed to not native, such as myself.

I thought this person was a great artist to start off with and as an added bonus, she more than a delight to get to know.  She’s a married woman, of 4 years, to her best friend. She’s an awesome and loving dog owner to Tank, which I wish I was able to take pictures of. She is fashion oriented and the thing I found most admirable is she works hard. Learning more about being a makeup artist or spreading the love with her tips and tricks to new makeup artists.

In talking with her it was like I was interviewing a friend of mine, not some person I was getting to know. That is a quality you can’t buy. When I was young, thinking about ‘beauty’ wasn’t part of my life. Drew embraced it. Early on, she knew she wanted to know more about the world of makeup and how to enhance others beauty! In this day and age, you can get a lot of knowledge tips and tricks with good ol’

All You Need To Know About Fashion and Photography

Choosing the perfect formal dress can be a lot harder than it looks.  While fit, cut and overall style play a huge role in the decision process, color is an important factor too.  Even though most girls have a favorite color or color family, it’s important to choose a dress that is flattering to your skin tone.  In three easy steps, we at will show you how to choose a dress that looks great with your skin! What is my skin tone? The first step in choosing the right color dress is determining your skin tone.  You can do this by wearing a white t-shirt and standing in front of a mirror in a well- and naturally-lit area.  Compare your skin tone to the white shirt.

 Does your skin contain yellow, orange or red undertones?  If so, you have warm-colored skin.  If your skin contains blue, pink or purple undertones, you have cool-colored skin. Which colors look best with my skin? If you have warm skin you look best in what are called earth tones.  Common earth tones include yellows, reds and browns.  Keep in mind that you can also choose dresses that combine these colors or are in the same color family.  If you have cool-colored skin, purples, blues and greens are perfect for you.  Remember that pink is a somewhat neutral color that most skin colors can pull off, too.

What can I do to match my dress perfectly? If you want to take the color matching process one step further, the solution is literally right before your eyes.  To find the ultimate match, just study the small flecks of color in your eyes.  For example, if you have blue eyes with green flecks in them, choose a green dress to make your eyes really pop.  Just this small detail can make a huge difference in your overall look. Though color matching isn’t an exact science, keeping these tips and tricks in mind can help you choose the perfect dress for your special night.  Visit to shop for your favorite colored dress today.