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Choosing the perfect formal dress can be a lot harder than it looks.  While fit, cut and overall style play a huge role in the decision process, color is an important factor too.  Even though most girls have a favorite color or color family, it’s important to choose a dress that is flattering to your skin tone.  In three easy steps, we at will show you how to choose a dress that looks great with your skin! What is my skin tone? The first step in choosing the right color dress is determining your skin tone.  You can do this by wearing a white t-shirt and standing in front of a mirror in a well- and naturally-lit area.  Compare your skin tone to the white shirt.

 Does your skin contain yellow, orange or red undertones?  If so, you have warm-colored skin.  If your skin contains blue, pink or purple undertones, you have cool-colored skin. Which colors look best with my skin? If you have warm skin you look best in what are called earth tones.  Common earth tones include yellows, reds and browns.  Keep in mind that you can also choose dresses that combine these colors or are in the same color family.  If you have cool-colored skin, purples, blues and greens are perfect for you.  Remember that pink is a somewhat neutral color that most skin colors can pull off, too.

What can I do to match my dress perfectly? If you want to take the color matching process one step further, the solution is literally right before your eyes.  To find the ultimate match, just study the small flecks of color in your eyes.  For example, if you have blue eyes with green flecks in them, choose a green dress to make your eyes really pop.  Just this small detail can make a huge difference in your overall look. Though color matching isn’t an exact science, keeping these tips and tricks in mind can help you choose the perfect dress for your special night.  Visit to shop for your favorite colored dress today.